ISO-shapes for conventional grinding

ISO-shape 1

Straight wheel

ISO-shape 3

Wheel tapered one side

ISO-shape 4

Wheel tapered both sides

ISO-shape 5

Wheel recessed one side

ISO-shape 7

Wheel recessed both sides

ISO-shape 11

Taper cup

ISO-shape 20

Wheel relieved one side

ISO-shape 21

Wheel relieved both sides

ISO-shape 22

Wheel relieved one side, recessed other side

ISO-shape 23

Wheel recessed and relieved one side

ISO-shape 24

Wheel recessed both sides and relieved one side

ISO-shape 25

Wheel relieved both sides and recessed one side

ISO-shape 26

Wheel recessed and relieved both sides

ISO-shape 38

Hubbed wheel

ISO-shape 39

Double hubbed wheel