The history of COMET Schleiftechnik GmbH

 With more than 70 years of experience, the Comet family company manufactures grinding wheels of the highest quality

Service and close client contact are the prerequisites for providing technical solutions to individual client problems. Moreover, success is also achieved by the constant improvement of products and manufacturing methods. Based on the resulting client satisfaction, Comet has created its international reputation as a manufacturer of grinding wheels for technologically demanding applications.

2020Introduction of the grinding wheel generation GreenTech
2018Acquisition of Bauer Werkzeugtechnik
2016Acquisition of Elbe Schleifmittelwerke & Co KG
2015Introduction of the grinding wheel generation Galaxy2 for the grinding of tooth systems
2014Acquisition of Gossweiler Schleifwerkzeuge
2011Construction of a second kiln house to increase production capacity
2010Installation of a photovoltaic system to reduce CO2 emissions
2009New building for the quality control department
2009Acquisition of Abrasifs Virudia / Colmar
2006Introduction of the grinding wheel generation COMET COOL CUT 
2006Implementation of new afterburner technology to reduce kiln emissions
2005Acquisition of Ph. Oskar Weiss Diamant / Stuttgart
2003Product range expansion to include CBN and diamond grinding wheels
2002New construction of office and management building
2001Introduction of the highly porous grinding wheel generation COMET AIR CUT
1995Certification in accordance with DIN ES ISO 9001
1991Acquisition of Meules Ars / Paris
1988Acquisition of Dettinger Schleifscheibenfabrik / Plochingen
1985Introduction of the COMET EXPRESS SERVICE: manufacturing to client's specifications within 10 working days
1958Relocation to the production site “Im Pottaschwald“
1949Founding in St. Ingbert by Dr. Werner Seidel senior